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Tickle Me Psycho
Tickle Me Psycho.jpg
Vital statistics
Name Tickle Me Psycho
Gender Male
Age N/A
Faction Evil doll
Friends Evil plush army
Enemies Thrasher, Blastus, Mecha Jodi, Terabyte
Love Interest N/A
Location Insanus

Tickle Me Psycho is a character that appeared in the episode "Playdate." He is a psychopathic children's toy that attacks and kills everyone who touches him.


He is brown and yellow with two little horns and is crossed eyed along with a drooping yellow nose, he parodies 'My pet monster,' a children's toy from the 1980s and early 1990s.


Tickle Me Psycho is a very rude and violent toy. He doesn't seem to like to be touched or talked to by anybody, instead he mauls everyone to death.