Robotomy Wiki
Vital statistics
Name Thunderbite
Gender Male
Age 30-40's
Faction Principal
Friends Dreadnot, Thrasher, Blastus, Weenus, Tacklebot, Maimy, Megawatt
Enemies Frenemy
Love Interest N/A
Location Insanus

Thunderbite is the principal of Harry S. Apocalypse High. He is voiced by Dana Snyder.


Thunderbite is a giant black robotic skull with light green eyes. He has spikes on his head that are lined along the backside. He has an array of weaponry coming out of his sides and back. He also has four arms, one hand, one pick ax, one battle axe, and a big bulky blaster that, as seen in El Presidente, fires a freezing beam and also acts as a flamethrower.


Thunderbite happens to be sweet, kind, and lovable kind of guy, although he can be as sadistic as many of the inhabitants on Insanus are. He seems to really care for his students, seeing as how he is friends with Thrasher and Blastus, and even tried to help them get out of trouble with Frenemy, having related to their situation.

Episode Appearances[]


  • Although most of the characters in Robotomy are cruel, and vicious, and being otherwise will be thought of as having "faulty psycho chips", Thunderbite is quite compassionate, and loving, only showing a few signs of savageness. It is unknown whether this is overlooked by the staff, and students in Harry S. Apocalypse High, or if this is noticeable, but the staff, and students choose not to point this out, due to fearing the consequences of doing so.
    • Additionally, it is unknown whether or not Thunderbite was also programmed with "faulty psycho chips".
  • Thunderbite's voice actor, Dana Snyder, also voices Dreadnot, with the two often featured together in the same scene.