[As the robots cheered for the Maximus Destroyer's end while Blastus realizes something]

Blastus: (gasp) Thrasher!

[Blastus desperately search all around Insanus until he heard a familiar voice]

Thrasher: Blastus?!

Blastus: Thrasher! (hugs a tree that looks like Thrasher) Come here you- wait, huh?

Thrasher: (low voice) Over here!

[As Blastus turned around, he gasp in shock as Thrasher appears but this time in his upgrade form from Bling Thing while he holds Proxy]

Blastus: Thrasher?! What happened to you?!

Thrasher: (low voice) I don't know, one minute I was heartbroken by an untamable girl, the next I ended up saving Insanus from a not-so-called Maximus Destroyer.

Weenus: Well, I can see that. You already saved one.

[Maimy and her sisters rush over to Thrasher to reclaim Proxy]

Maimy: Proxy! Are you okay?! Come on, we have to get you back home!

[Maimy carries her sister as Blastus turns around worried about his friend]

Blastus: Dude, I can't believe you have almost killed yourself just a save a girl.

Thrasher: (low voice) Yeah, but to be honest, I think I no longer have feelings for Maimy anymore.

[Blastus looks up and down at Thrasher and shows a determined face]

Blastus: Well, don't worry buddy we can solve whatever this situation is, together.

Thrasher: (low voice) Uh, what?!

[Blastus's face then looks sad as he realizes that almost lost his best friend]

Blastus: I'm sorry man, I was really scared when you were taken away. You're my best friend.

[Thrasher smiles at Blastus and the two shared a hug as tears of joy swelled in Thrasher's eyes while Weenus watch]

Thrasher: (low voice) I love you too.

[The End]