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Robotomy is an American animated television series created by Michael Buckley and Joe Deasy for Cartoon Network. The series revolves around Thrasher and Blastus, two teenage outcast robots who enter high school at their home planet Insanus. It was produced by World Leaders Entertainment in New York (in association with Cartoon Network Studios), and co-executively produced by Christy Karacas, co-creator of Superjail!. The series was the result of numerous failed pitches to the network by the creators. Production proved difficult for World Leaders, who were simultaneously working on The Venture Bros. The series premiered on October 25, 2010 on Cartoon Network. The network marketed it to an older demographic, as the channel was attempting to blend its Adult Swim brand with its primary youth demographic. It saw its finale on January 24, 2011 after ten episodes in one season over the course of three months, and was the shortest-running original series on the network that isn't a mini-series until the end of Apple & Onion which had the same amount of episodes and seasons but aired all of its episodes in one month.

Thrasher and Blastus are two teenage robots who live on the planet of Insanus. Their planet is inhabited by murderous robots who seek to kill one another for no apparent reason. Slightly less horrific than their peers, the duo seek to make it through high school, and navigate their lives with mixed results. Thrasher (Patton Oswalt), a tall and lanky robot, wishes to gain the affections of an attractive female robot named Maimy (Jessie Cantrell). Meanwhile, Blastus (John Gemberling), a small and rotund robot, just wants to be popular. As with Blastus, unlike most robots on Insanus, he is mostly sensitive and non-criminal, much to the disapproval of his mother. In his quest to be cool, however, he is incredibly impulsive and overconfident in his abilities. Thrasher, though calm and reserved, often falls prey to Blastus' badly-thought out plans.

Other characters include various schoolmates and staff members. Weenus (Michael Sinterniklaas) is a nerdy, psychopathic robot who is even lower on the social pyramid than the protagonists. Dreadnot (Dana Snyder) is a teacher at Harry S. Apocalypse High who finds joy in torturing and invoking pain into his students. Their principal, Thunderbite (also voiced by Snyder), is an over sized, skull-shaped robot who, when not causing pain, acts sweet and paternal toward the students. Megawatt (also voiced by Sinterniklaas) is a spoiled rich kid who is attractive to the female robots, most of whom he blows up; to Thrasher's disdain, he is dating Maimy. Tacklebot (Roger Craig Smith), Megawatt's friend and muscle head jock, acts violent and hostile toward the protagonists

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