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Vital statistics
Name Megawatt
Gender Male
Age 17
Faction Student
Friends Maimy, Tacklebot, Thrasher (Occasionally), Blastus (Occasionally).
Enemies Thrasher, Blastus, Dreadnot
Love Interest Maimy (Unsteady girlfriend)
Location Insanus

A spoiled rich kid at Harry S. Apocalypse High. Megawatt is quite dim and incredibly famous, which makes him attractive to female robots. In some episodes he is dating Maimy.


Megawatt is a golden, muscular robot with a roughly football shaped head. His upper-body is quite strong. He has spiky light yellow hair parted to on side. He also has a few spiky protrusions sticking out.


Megawatt is the most rich and popular student in Harry S. Apocalypse High. Desired by all the girls and the source of envy by the boys, he could be described as a celebrity. His personality is literally described to be a vapid air head, stated by his own girlfriend Maimy, which he apparently has nothing in common with in the first place. While he is the center of attention Megawatt's own eyes are often on himself and his upgrades, most other things are an afterthought, if not a thought at all. Megawatt often mocks Thrasher and his feelings for Maimy. He and Maimy seem to date one another for superficial reasons, rather than genuine feelings.

Episode Appearances[]


  • His name is a pun on the fact that he is very bright and shiny.