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Mecha Jodi
Mecha Jodi.jpg
Vital statistics
Name Mecha Jodi
Gender Female
Age 2-3
Faction Toddler
Friends Terabyte
Enemies Thrasher, Blastus.
Love Interest N/A
Location Insanus

Mecha Jodi is Thrasher's baby sister. She is a very destructive robot that needs to be contained in a metal box to prevent her from causing destruction across the nation.


Mecha Jodi is a small little yellow robot with a pink bow on her antenna. She wears a white diaper.

Episode Appearances[]


  • She may be more powerful than her older brother.
  • She seems to hate Thrasher and Blastus with a burning passion, though it is never shown, or explained why.
    • It could be because of the "psycho chips" that were implanted into her before or after birth.
  • She has to be kept in a cage, so she won't physically harm anyone.
  • Thrasher doesn't seem too phased by her crazed tantrums. However, he could've gotten used to them, thus show no emotion towards them.