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This is a list of Robotomy episodes. Season 1 consisted of 10 episodes. It started on October 25, 2010 and ended on January 24, 2011. The ratings were positive but Cartoon Network canceled the show after the season finale aired due to expensive budget costs for the animation and low foreign appeal.

Season 1[]

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code Season Episode
Cool upgrades dudes.jpg
"Bling Thing" November 1, 2010 101 (1) 1 1
Thrasher and Blastus want to make themselves more popular. Thrasher wants to be noticed by Maimy and Blastus wants the ladies to be all over him so they try selling coolant to get upgrades.
Killing Thrasher and Blastus.jpg
"Frenemy" October 25, 2010 102 (2) 1 2
Thrasher and Blastus join a social networking site called Frenemy to make more friends and they end up becoming friends with the website itself.
Thrasher and Blastus Laughing.png
"No Child Left Benign" November 8, 2010 103 (3) 1 3
Thrasher and Blastus pretend to have special needs in order to avoid taking a test. This ends up in them getting trapped in a specially contained school bus that's get hurdled through space and into the sun.
Tickle Me Psycho threatening Thrasher and Blastus.jpg
"Playdate" November 15, 2010 104 (4) 1 4
Thrasher tries to get closer to Maimy by having him take Mecha Jodi to her house for a play date with her brother Terabyte. However, it turns out Maimy set him up to take care of their younger siblings while she leaves to go to a firework display with Megawatt.
El Presidente.jpg
"El Presidente" November 22, 2010 105 (5) 1 5
An evil robot named Swarm kidnaps Maimy and throws the rest of the students and teachers as Harry S. Apocalypse high into a dungeon. When Thrasher and Blastus save them, it ends up in the becoming school president.
Field of Screams.jpg
"Field of Screams" November 29, 2010 106 (6) 1 6
Dreadnot trains the male robots at Harry S. Apocalypse high to become big and strong so that they can fight in a battle with the rival school.
Mean Green.jpg
"Mean Green" January 3, 2011 107 (7) 1 7
Thrasher gets a talking plant in a field trip and takes it home with him.
Thunderbyte as a teenager guy.jpg
"The Trials of Robocles" January 10, 2011 108 (8) 1 8
The robots at Harry S. Apocalypse High all suddenly start going through a growth spurt.
Dead, Thrasher, Blastus, and Nana.jpg
"Nana's Run" January 17, 2011 109 (9) 1 9
Thrasher's Nana is getting really old and close to dying so he and Blastus help her complete her bucket list during her last few days of life.
From Wretchenya with Love.jpg
"From Wretchneya with Love" January 24, 2011 110 (10) 1 10
Blastus gets a supermodel girlfriend on the internet and lies to her, saying that he is a very rich billionaire. When she comes to visit him in person, he needs Thrasher to help him keep her believing the lie.

Unaired Episodes[]

These are season 1 episodes of Robotomy that didn't air because they were scheduled to air after the cancellation of season 1.

Season Title Plot Summary Airdate Priduction Code Episode Number
1 The Maximus Destroyer Thrasher and Blastus must save Maimy from an evil robot called The Maximus Destroyer. Unaired Unknown 11
1 Double Trouble Thrasher and Blastus make clones of themselves to make their lives easier. Unaired Unknown 12