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Gorgon is a monster that appeared in the episode "Bling Thing." He is a giant reckless creature that brutally slaughters people for entertainment at The Maul. Gorgon brutally attacks robots and then eats them. He also has a special power which are his toxic farts. Gorgon is also known to have gold in his colon.


Gorgon was introduced in the episode "Bling Thing" where he was shown to be a monster who is held at The Maul to fight with volunteering robots for the entertainment of the watchers. Thrasher and Blastus were given jobs as people who clean Gorgon's victims out of his colon after they've been eaten by him. He was seen later in the episode where Thrasher and Blastus woke him up while being chased by security grands. Gorgon borek out of The Maul as the duo rode him around the town as he destroyed everything. Thrasher and Blastus defeated him with their powers. Thrasher blinded him with his laser light and Blastus choked him to death with his pain balls. However, when Gorgon fell to his death, he crushed Maimy in the process, just as Thrasher was about to smash her with a hammer. After Gorgon dies, his colon emptied out a bunch of gold as well as the prospector. After that, Gorgon's dead corpse ejaculated a final remaining toxic fart which melted the gold and prospector to death.


Gorgon is a giant yellow monster with four eyes and a mouth. His eyes are green and two of them are under his mouth. His mouth is huge and full of many sharp teeth. He has two arms on his head and one on his chin. All of which have three sharp fingers. He has two spiky legs that come off of the sides of his body. Gorgon has a long tail and he has brown stripes too.


Gorgon is a psychopathic, reckless monster who has an obsession for destroying things and killing people. He is so good at doing this that he was used as an attraction at The Maul where he kills people and eats them for the entertainment of others. He also has toxic farts that he uses to melt the remainders of the bodies of the people he kills. Gorgon is very murderous and shows no mercy when killing and attacking others. His evil power is so strong that it can't even be contained by the protecting and constraining at The Maul wheras he has been seen breaking out of it and destroying the city. However, he can be killed by the mere light of a laser pointer and a few pain balls which can be used to blind him and choke him to death.