Robotomy Wiki
Vital statistics
Name Dreadnot
Gender Male
Age 30-40's
Faction Teacher
Friends Thunderbite, Thrasher (Occasionally)), Blastus (Occasionally), Tacklebot (Unrequited)
Enemies Thrasher, Blastus.
Love Interest N/A
Location Insanus

Dreadnot is the teacher of Thrasher and Blastus' class at Harry S. Apocalypse High. He is a recurring character in the show.


Dreadnot has a faded burgundy metal body with yellow accents, and has a radar in the middle of his chest. There are two wires draped over his head resembling a comb over; and two pointed metal frills sticking out of each side of his head, connected to safe lock appearing dials. He is rotund similar to Blastus yet features more spikes than he does. His mouth is designed similar to a coal furnace, though its unlikely he runs on it. He also has a belt around his waistline with what could be a button or light.


Dreadnot is a sadistic teacher that finds joy in torturing and invoking pain unto his students: all in his attempt to transform them into hyper-violent killing machines, and stomp out any squishy emotions they might have or develop. Dreadnot often comes off as cynical and pessimistic, though the brutality of his students often gets him emotional. He does inappropriate things such as subjecting his students to his stretching routine (No Child Left Benign), and abduct students from their homes (Field of Screams). He seems to get along with Thunderbite, the two often talking about hanging out more. In most episodes Dreadnot claims to be quite the ladies man, but this is likely a fabrication or over dramatization by him. He tries to appear cool to his popular/favorite students, but is shot down most of the time, case and point his interaction with Tacklebot in No Child Left Benign. He once tried to change his identity and flee the boarder in (The Trails of Robocles), the reason behind his choice could've been his reluctance to teach the kids about 'their bodies,' but the exact motive wasn't expanded upon. Like most robots he is disgusted by sweet and cutesy things, and sent Thrasher and Blastus to be quietly destroyed after they showed signs of humanity by singing The Feelings Song in No Child Left Benign.

He has a habit of shouting "BOOSH!" as an exclaimation.

Episode Appearances[]


  • In most scenes he appears in, Dreadnot appears to be gray, yet in some frames he's more red. This could be due to scenery lighting in certain locations.
  • In the episode "Mean Green", he is shown to have a secondary occupation as a security guard, assigned to guard the Superfudge.
  • Dreadnot's voice actor, Dana Snyder, also voices Thunderbite, with the two often featured together in the same scene.