[The clones are now destroyed as the parents realize that Thrasher looks different]

Thrasher's Mom: Oh my goodness.

Rendy's Mom: Who is that?

Thrasher: (low voice): Oh uh, I'm uh well-

Blastus: A superhero! Yes he's a brave superhero.

Adults: What?!

Thrasher's Dad: (noticing Dreadnot) Hmm?

[Tacklebot and Megawatt came over holding Dreadnot captive as the teens surrounded them]

Weenus: Now to show find who started this clone epidemic, (monster voice) unveil him!

[Tacklebot's sister removes the mask to show Dreadnot as the robots gasp while Blastus's mother's face turned surprise]

Dreadnot: Grr!

Tacklebot's Sister: I can't believe it, it's Dreadnot.

Thunderbite: What?! Dreadnot, but why?!

Dreadnot: It's because I wanted to turn you teens into hyper-drones just so I clone Thrasher and Blastus's DNA which failed! But it doesn't matter now! I still have your children's copies!

Thrasher: (low voice) Ahem!

Thrasher and Blastus: You mean these?

[The two showed the now torn documents which surprises the teens and their parents]

Dreadnot: Nooo! I almost have you robots in my grasp! And I would've gotten away with id it weren't for you meddling robots and that dumb monster!

Thrasher: (low voice) What?!

Weenus: Don't listen to him, can't you see? You're a hero now.

Blastus: Yeah, you just prove your sanity and finally got us freed from Dreadnot.

Thrasher: Well yeah, (looks at the teens) I did.

[As the police takes Dreadnot away, the adults turned to their children proud and hugs them]

Tacklebot's Dad: I'm so proud of you kids and we're super sorry that we didn't beIieve in you. Psyho or not not, we're so proud of you have as our kids.

Weenus: You guys know that Dreadnot will be back right?

Teens: Yeah!

Megawatt's Dad: Wait Blastus, where's Thrasher?

Thrasher's Mom: Oh geez Thrasher.

Blastus: Don't worry, Thrasher's already home.

[Cuts to Thrasher back to normal as he changes Mecha-Jodi's diapers and puts a dirty diaper in the trash. His parents came in and are relieved to see him safe]

Thrasher's Mom: Oh honey, we were so worried.

Thrasher's Dad: Where were you anyway?

[Blastus and his mom came in the room]

Blastus: Oh, we were with our classmates, why?

Thrasher: Yeah but to be honest, after all we seen today, I'm proud that there aren't more of us. Turns out we don't have to clone ourselves to make our life easier.

[Thrasher and Blastus hug their parents and Mecha-Jodi]

Thrasher: Besides turns out we're glad being non-psycho robots because you guys love us the way we are. And that I have a ton of work to do.

[The End]