Double Trouble


The Maximus Destroyer



Double Trouble is the twelfth episode of season one of Robotomy. It is the twelfth episode overall. The episode never aired on TV because it was scheduled to an air date which came after the show's cancellation. It was originally intended to be the season 1 finale.

Plot Edit

Dreadnot has enough of Thrasher and Blastus and decided to make clones of them so he can finally convince their parents to turn them into hyper-drones, much to Thrasher's dismay. Meanwhile, Thrasher and Blastus's classmates grew suspicious of Dreadnot and tries to convince a newly transformed Thrasher to stop him.

Characters Edit

Main Edit

  • Thrasher
  • Blastus
  • Weenus
  • Maimy
  • Megawatt
  • Tacklebot
  • Rendy
  • Proxy
  • Rendy's Friend #1
  • Rendy's Friend #2
  • Tacklebot's Brother #2
  • Tacklebot's Sister
  • Exploda
  • Dreadnot
  • Dreadnot Clones

Minor Edit

  • Steve
  • Thunderbite
  • Thrasher's Mom
  • Thrasher's Dad
  • Mecha-Jodi
  • Blastus's Mom
  • Tacklebot's Dad
  • Maimy's Mom
  • Maimy's Dad
  • Maimy's Sister #1
  • Maimy's Sister #2
  • Terra-Byte
  • Megawatt's Dad
  • Megawatt's Mom
  • Rendy's Mom
  • Rendy's Dad
  • Rendy's Friend's Mom
  • Rendy's Friend's Dad
  • Exploda's Mom
  • Exploda's Dad
  • Movie Usher

Refrences Edit

  • There is a reference from Scooby-Doo! when Dreadnot said "And I would've gotten away with it if weren't for you meddling robots and that dumb monster!".