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cindy also know as scp 191 is one of the main charcters in robotomy plus scp foundation 

story []

cindy was born to tim and sara mcgreen in springburg idaho she loved her parents and they loved her one day the serpents hand attacked and killed tim and sara cindy ran into the forest but she was shot in the head by a member of the serpents hand and taken to there base were they ran painful exparments that turned her into a cyborg she was held in a cell for 5 days but she was rescued by the scp foundation  a few years later after the scarlet king was reformed cindy is now a teenager she found a strange portal and fell in it where she fell into the robotomy world. trasher blastus weenus megawatt mamie and steve were on a trip when they saw the portal and cindy who fell from the sky she landed in the woods so they ran to make sure she wasnt hurt they found her knocked out when weenus saw her he fell head over heels in love with her trasher picked her up and they took her to trashers house where she woke up.when she saw the robots she scream and tought she was dead but blastus told her she was not dead and introduced her to the other robots with weenus saying she is pretty and cindy says hes funny when trasher asked where she came from she told them she came from another world and how she fell in a portal and into there world. trasher lets her stay at his house much to weenus disapomnt trasher lets her sleep in his room he tells her that he and blastus will work on finding a way for her to get home cindy thinks that shes gonna like it here. 


weenus: he has a massuve crush on her but cindy is not aware of it weenus gets jelous of her and trashers close frenship as weenus thinks that trasher is trying to steal her from him one time when he and the other robot kids were locked in a panic room he tought that cindy conffested her love for trasher on a secerty cam and went on a heartbroken rampage before cindy calmed him down as a resalt he and trasher have devolped a love trinagle for cindy.

trasher she and trasher devloped a deep frenship and they devolped fellings for each other weenus got jelous and try to keep them away from each other.

dreadnot they are on good terms

megawatt they are on good terms 

mamiy they are best freands 

blastus they are on ok terms